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Rest assured your pets wellness is in good hands with our overnight monitoring

You’ll be happy to know that all our scheduled surgery patients are monitored during the evening by either Cassie or Rosanna — our overnight Licensed Veterinary Technicians.

If at anytime during the evening a pet seems uncomfortable or distressed, they are instructed to contact one of our veterinarians immediately. You will also be given a phone number by which you can reach either Cassie of Rosanna at anytime during the evening to check on your pet. Many clients are surprised to learn that this is a service that very few veterinary hospitals offer. Because we are committed to offering your pet the best care possible, we think this service is essential.

It is always difficult to leave your pet overnight for a procedure, but the professionals at Cross are wonderful! Their genuine compassion and caring really make this time as painless as possible for both parties! You even have an overnight number to call to settle your human nerves.

Marilla / Brets


If you have any questions about any of the services, feel free to contact us or call 810.606.1199